Thursday, 8 February 2018

What are all these accounts that I’ve accumulated??

Quick Note: Most user IDS are an email address, so it’s possible that you have the same user ID for more than one account – that doesn’t mean that it’s the same account, just that you are using the same email address as the ID – of course some people also use the same password for everything – or a variant – that can be confusing and it’s certainly not secure.

You will likely find yourself accruing all manner of User IDs and passwords for software and services.
There are accounts for Online Banking, Social Media; like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, some accounting or business software like Quicken or QuickBooks - the list is endless
It can also be confusing.
My best advice is this – as soon as you sign up for ANYTHING requiring a user name and password, IMMEDIATELY make a note of it in a safe and secure password keeper (like Keepass or LastPass)
And try to use very different passwords. That’s why you will want that password keeper!

Then there are those accounts which seem to cover a vast array of services, not just one thing like Online Banking.
Here is an example of three of the most popular account that many of us now have, and some of what they cover. The list is not intended to be fully comprehensive.

Microsoft Account
This user name and passwords lets you into all things Microsoft related
This usually means:
·         Your Computer itself (if you are running Windows)
·         All things Microsoft Office related, especially if you purchased a subscription to Office 365

·         Word
·         Excel
·         PowerPoint
·         Outlook
·         Access
·         Publisher
·         OneDrive (Microsoft’s online storage)

·         The Windows store (where you can download free or purchase Apps for Windows 10)
·         Skype – it’s now owned by Microsoft

Apple ID
Your Apple ID and password unlocks all things Apple
 (not the passcode for logging into your phone, that’s different)
This could include
·         iTunes
·         The Apple App store
·         The Mac store if you have an Apple PC

Google Account
This one is often the one most overlooked and underrated but can actually be very useful
Google owns
·         Google – the Search Engine
·         Google Chrome – the web browser
·         Gmail
·         YouTube
·         Google Maps
·         Google Keep – if you haven’t checked out this online Notes App it’s worth a look
·         Google Drive (much like Dropbox or OneDrive)
·         Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc. (these are Google’s online versions of Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
….and much much more!

You can of course use Chrome and the Google search engine without logging in with your Google account, but logging in opens up many more options as it keeps a history of things like YouTube searches, map searches and so on, gives you access to your online storage and Gmail, and keeps you updated with YouTube channel subscriptions.
It keeps your devices in sync too, so if you sign in with your Google account on one device and then also sign in on another, the same info will be available right away.

If you get more familiar with when and where you use each account, it can get less confusing when you find yourself at a log in screen wondering what User ID and password is required.
Just remember that a lot can be found out about you from your various accounts, so keep security in mind. Keep passwords secure, change them if you feel they might have been compromised, and sign out of your accounts if you are allowing someone else to use your computer without your presence or supervision.

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